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Cultural intelligence or CQ training is brought to you by Eirene Group, LLC. Our passion is to help you and those who work with you enjoy workplace excellence and find fulfillment at work.

Cultural intelligence plays an important role in the ease with which you communicate, solve problems, and interact with one another, in a culturally diverse environment. Cultural differences exist in families, churches, workplaces, regions, and nations.


When you relate across cultures, we want to help you communicate smoothly, solve problems easily, and interact understandingly through our cultural intelligence e-course. 

Our passion

Our passion is for everyone desiring to equip themselves with management and leadership soft skills to

1. learn skills easily 

2. have fun while learning

3. retain concepts learned

4. feel as if you are our only customer

5. afford to learn the skills

Our commitment

Our commitment to you is

1. making learning enjoyable, easy to understand, and retain

2. personalized feedback during training

3. love for our customers reflected in our service to you

4. affordable pricing

About our Founder

Shalini Jebasingh Patras founded Eirene Group in the Fall of 2012. Shalini has twenty-four years of work experience in non-profit media. Since she entered the workforce, she has worked with leaders from numerous countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. She has her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies. As she researched leadership, she noticed workplaces that practiced ancient Hebrew values had joyful team members and long-term growth. Some themes found in ancient Hebrew ethics are love, trust, forgiveness, perseverance, and truth.


Shalini saw these traits in her father, Emil Jebasingh, who led an organization that employs over 3,000 people today. His vision and the high value he placed on people created growth. She saw the same traits in other leaders with high ethical and moral values. Learning from them, Shalini is committed to these high-minded leadership principles that help team members create workplace excellence and find fulfillment at work.​ 

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